Tilt-a-Door One Piece Garage Doors

As the name suggests, tilt doors are opened by lifting the entire garage door up. Each door is a single panel that pushes outwards and can be customised to fit your garage. Tilt doors fit where other standard garage doors do not.

Like all Saddingtons garage doors, the Tilt-a-Dor comes in an expansive range of styles, so you can be sure to find one that will suit your home. A Tilt-a-Dor garage door may be ideal for you if your garage has minimal headroom. Our team is available to assist you one-on-one with your garage needs and requirements.

Tilt A Door From Saddingtons

Tilt doors are typically used when:

  • Low Headroom and sideroom in an existing garage mean that a tilt door is the only real option. In these situations tilt doors will provide to maximum flexibility for the garage. This is typically the case in older homes.
  • Architectural considerations: Tilt doors can be constructed from a wide range of material and thus are often specified by designers.
Track Fitting Tilt A Door

Perfectly suited to larger doors where greater stability is provided through the addition of horizontal tracks to hold the door in the open position so as to minimize protrusion outside the opening.

Jam Fitting Tilt A Door

An economical solution for use in applications where there is limited headroom and sideroom. Fittings are zinc plated for greater resistance to corrosion.

Saddingtons manufactures tilt doors at its Broadmeadow location. All doors are individually measured and crafted to fit each specific garage.

For any queries about our range, or to speak to a professional about which garage door is right for you, give us a call on (02) 4978 6370.

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