• Road Safety & Safety Signs

    Road Safety & Safety Signs

    Saddingtons stock the following Road Safety & Safety Signs, if you require something not in stock, we will gladly order it in for you

    • 600mm x 450mm Corflute Signs
    • DF-001 Danger Keep Out
    • DF-002 Danger Keep Out Authorised Personnel Only
    • DF-003 Danger No Entry
    • DF-006 Danger Construction Site Unauthorised Persons Keep Out
    • DF-007 Danger Construction Site Do Not Enter
    • DF-008 Danger Demolition In Progress Keep Out
    • DF-010 Danger Asbestos Removal In Progress

    STOP/SLOW Road Sign – 2mtr SAFETY SIGNS

    • Danger Scaffold Incomplete
    • Danger Workers Overhead
    • Danger Workers Below
    • Danger Evacuation Area
    • Danger Power leads Above
    • Danger Explosive Power Tools
    • Danger Trucks Crossing
    • MF-001 This is a Hard Hat Area Safety Hats Must Be Worn
    • MF-002 Safety Helmets must be worn on this Site
    • MF-003 Safety Footwear must be worn in this Area
    • MF-004 Safety Footwear must be worn on this Site
    • MF-005 Safety Vests must be worn on this Site
    • MF-006 Safety Harness must be worn
    • MF-007 Eye Protection must be worn in this Area
    • MF-008 Hearing Protection must be worn on this Site
    • 4 logos on 1 sign (Hard Hat, Safety Glasses, Ear Protection & Footwear)
    • Signage saying “This Protective Equipment Must Be Worn On This Site”
    • PF-001 No Smoking
    • EF-001 First Aid
    • NF-001 Notice all Visitors must report to Site Office
    • NF-010 Site Office
    • NF-003 Notice all Personnel Must Be Inducted before starting work on this Site
    • NF-030 Notice No OH&S General Induction Card No Start
  • Reo Galvanised Dowel Bar

    Reo Galvanised Dowel Bar

    Reo Galvanised Dowel Bar – Available in 12mm, 16mm & 20mm diameter
    Reo L Bar – N12 – 600mm x 600mm
    Rod – 6mtr lengths
    RW6.00, RW7.60, RW9.50, RW10.65, RW11.90, R16 & R20
    N12, N16 & N20

  • Reinforcement Mesh

    Reinforcement Mesh

    200mm squares x 2.4mtr wide x 6mtr long
    Available in SL62, SL72, SL82, SL92 & SL102
    Reinforcement Bar – 6mtr lengths
    N16, N20 & N24

  • Kingflor Metal Decking

    Metal Decking

    We supply both Bond Deck and Kingflour
    A composite steel formwork solution suitable for composite concrete slabs in concrete and steel framed construction
    KINGFLOR RF55 – A composite steel formwork system that provides unmatched performance in suspended concrete slabs. Used in both concrete and steel frame construction

  • Trench Mesh

    Trench Mesh – Flat

    8mm – 200mm (3 bar) or 300mm (4 bar) widths
    11mm – 200mm (3 bar) or 300mm (4 bar) widths
    12mm – 200mm (3 bar) or 300mm (4 bar) widths
    Trench Mesh – Boxed
    8mm – 200mm wide x 150mm deep – STOCKED
    11mm – 200mm wide x 300mm deep – STOCKED

  • Connolly Key Joint Saddingtons

    Connolly Key Joint

    Connolly Key Joint- Sold per 6mtr length
    100mm, 150mm & 200mm.
    Key Joint Capping – Removable – Sold per metre

  • Stirrups by Saddingtons


    Stirrups sizes – 6.00mm, 7.60mm & 9.50mm

  • Bar Chairs supplied by Saddingtons

    Bar Chairs

    Bar Chairs – Plastic
    Bar Chair Bases – available in Small Square or Large Round
    Deck Chairs – Plastic
    Plastic Deck Chair Bases – per 100

  • Dowel Bar Guards supplied by Saddingtons

    Dowel Bar Guards

    Dowel Bar Guards – Black – 100 per pack
    Dowel Caps – Safety caps for starter bars – Yellow – 20mm – sold as each

  • Fibre Cement HardieFlex Product

    Fibre Cement

    Saddingtons can supply all your Fibre Cement needs, we have in stock or can order in for you all of the following Fibre Cement products:

    • Hardie Flex
    • Villa Board
    • Flooring
    • Underlay
    • Columns

    Read more about James Hardie Fibre Cement Products

  • Cladding Weathertex Product


    Saddingtons have your Cladding needs covered, we can supply all of the following products, from the following companies:
    James Hardie

      • Scyon Prodcuts
      • Primeline Weather Board
      • Panel Clad
      • Hardie Tex
      • Hardie Plank
      • Com Tex

    More information on James Hardie Cladding Products

    Weather Tex

      • Classic
      • Primelok
      • Solfok
      • Exterior Board/High Impact Board

    For more information on Weather Tex Cladding products

    EPS Foam Cladding

  • Framing Timber Supplied by Saddingtons

    Framing Timber

    Saddingtons stock a large range of timber to cover all your framing needs, we stock the following (ALL SIZES AVAIALBE):

    • MGP 10
    • H2 TERMITE TREATED Stora Enso & Carter Holt Harvey
  • Treated Timber Product

    Treated Timber

    We have a big range of treated timber, come in and see us for all your treated timber needs, we stock the following

    • H4 POSTS
  • Engineered Timber Supplied by Saddingtons

    Engineered Timber

    We can supply all your engineered timber needs and stock the following products:

    • LVL
    • I-JOISTS
  • Gyprock Supplied by Saddingtons

    Sheet Products

    We carry the following products:

    • MDF
  • Internal Corinthian ProductInternal Corinthian Door Product

    Internal Doors

    Internal Doors

  • Entrance Corinthian Product by Saddingtons

    Entrance Doors

    We can supply all your entrance doors and carry the both Corinthian and Hume doors

  • External Product Sample

    External Doors

    We can supply all your External Door needs, we stock both Corinthian and Humes doors and if we don’t have in stock, we will gladly order it in!

  • Skirting Boards, Door Jambs & Architraves

    Skirting boards, Door Jambs & Architraves

    Saddingtons stock a large range of Skirting boards, Door Jambs and Architrave timber

  • Ezitrim Pdf Image


    Saddingtons stock a large range of Ezitrim moulding products, the trims are pre primed ready for top coat for your convienience, to read more – EziTrim PDF

  • Gainsborough Product Fine Quality Door Furniture


    Saddingtons stock the best and most popular door furniture – Gainsborough

  • Asse Abloy by Saddingtons

    Assa Abloy

    Saddingtons stock the best and most popular door furniture – Assa Abloy

  • Lane Endeavour supplied by Saddingtons


    Saddingtons stock the best and most popular door furniture – Lane

  • Flooring supplied by Saddingtons Building Supplies in Newcastle


    Saddingtons stock all your timber flooring needs

  • Decking Boral From Saddingtons


    Saddingtons stock all your timber decking needs, with your choice of:

    • Blackbutt
    • Merbau
    • Treated Pine
  • Formwork by Saddingtons


    We can supply all your formwork needs and stock the following:

    • Edge Board
    • Plasply
  • Power Panel

    Power Panel SP

    Commonly used in:

    • Apartments
    • Low rise multi-residential
    • Commercial

    Top applications

    • Shaft & scissor walls

    Service and shaft walls with PowerPanel SP Option 1
    Bare system recommended for shafts up to 4800mm high, requiring 2hr FRL (horizontal installation).
    Benefits of using Hebel PowerPanel SP for service and shaft walls:
    Easier handling and installation

    • 300mm panel width is lighter and easier to manoeuvre
    • Tongue and groove profile ensures a snug fit
    • No sealant or thin bed adhesive required between joints (unless acoustic performance required)

    Flexibility in tight access areas

    • Install horizontally to 4800mm height
    • Cuttable lengths up to 4800mm
    • Clear spans up to 2400mm (with minimum 300mm bearing each end)


    • No wet trade required, less mess
    • Fast to install
    • Fewer trades on site


    • Bare system achieves FRL of -/120/120
    • Satisfies BCA requirements for non-load bearing internal walls (Type A & B construction), Class 2 to 9 buildings
    • Extends the versatility of Hebel into even more applications

    For more information visit, Hebel website

  • External Wall Panels from Saddingtons

    Power Panel XL

    Commonly used in:

    • Residential walls
    • Low rise multi-residential

    Top applications

    • Boundary walls

    Hebel PowerPanelXL external wall system has been specifically developed to go up fast!
    The system consists of 75mm thick, steel-reinforced PowerPanelXL panels, fixed vertically to horizontal top hats attached to the load bearing frame.

    PowerPanelXL has been developed so it's 20% lighter than previous systems while maintaining its structural integrity. This lightweight panel, combined with the perforated steel top hat fixing system, speeds up installation with a whole lot less fatigue.

    The PowerPanelXL system:

    • Is much faster than laying bricks – two people can install up to 150m2 in three days depending on site conditions
    • Is easy to grip, lift and move with less wear and tear on the body
    • Is non-combustible with an FRL of 180/180/180
    • Has outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation qualities, increasing levels of comfort and saving on energy heating and cooling costs
    • Has the 'Good Environmental Choice Australia Label' (Heb-2006) tick of approval
    • Allows design patterns to be easily machined into the panels

    Fire 180/180/180
    Thermal R1.54 – R3.54
    Wall thickness 185mm – 205mm* depending on stud cavity and Top Hat selection

    For more information, visit Hebal website

  • Power Panel

    Power Panel

    Commonly used in:

    • Apartments
    • Low rise multi-residential
    • Retirement
    • Commercial

    Top applications

    • Internal walls
    • External walls

    Hebel for external facade walls
    Hebel PowerPanel can be used for external facade walls either with hidden or visible edge beams. This lightweight product provides substantial cost savings compared to traditional masonry (bricks and pre-cast concrete)
    Benefits of using Hebel PowerPanel for external facade walls:

    • Fast construction timetables with less reliance on bricklaying trades and less scaffolding costs
    • Versatility of design with a pressure equalised system
    • Systemised building components make construction faster and easier than brick
    • Smaller crews without need for wet trades
    • Low wastage and reduced crane requirement, especially compared to brick
    • No reliance on bricklayers and better utilisation of standard trades people
    • Solid and secure with high fire rating levels
    • Matches to superior coating systems without leaching of the acrylic system
    • Wet weather tolerant (no mould) for storage and building process
    • Strong acoustic values dampen exterior noise
    • High levels of sustainability and 'green' credentials

    For more information visit, Hebel website

  • Power Block Plus Demo

    Power Block

    Commonly used in:

    • Alterations & additions
    • Low rise multi-residential
    • DIY

    Top applications

    • External walls

    PowerBlock+ the premium alternative to double brick
    Solid masonry construction has long been regarded as the 'ultimate' home building method. Hebel PowerBlock+ is the ideal alternative to double brick, giving you an extremely solid construction with exceptional acoustic and thermal insulation properties to provide a more comfortable and energy efficient home.
    The face size of a PowerBlock+ is 600mm x 200mm. External walls are typically constructed using 250mm thick Hebel PowerBlock+ whilst internal non-loadbearing block walls generally use the 100mm PowerBlock+. The large format blocks are lightweight and, forming a single wall, are rapidly installed

    • A solid load-bearing masonry home
    • A Hebel PowerBlock+ home 'breathes' and controls moisture making it an incredibly comfortable living environment
    • With over one and half times the thermal resistance of double brick, Hebel PowerBlocks+ systems* easily exceed the building Code of Australia (BCA) minimum energy requirements for climatic zones 1 to 7 inclusive
    • Excellent acoustic performance and sound insulation attributes
    • Design and build freedom and flexibility – easily worked with standard power tools
    • Non-combustible – up to a four hour fire rating makes the Hebel PowerBlock+ System ideal for rural or bush fire prone areas
    • Enhanced design freedom can be achieved through routing and shaping. Lintels and sill blocks complement the high aesthetic appearance

    * PowerBlock+ systems 1705, 1706, 1707. James Fricker Report 107.69, 107.71, 107.72 and 107.73
    Fire up to 240/240/240
    Acoustic Rw + Ctr 35 to 42
    Thermal R2.04 to R4.19
    Wall thickness 250mm to 356mm*