Concrete Bricks and Blocks Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens & the Hunter Valley


Are you looking for a company that can provide quality concrete bricks and blocks for your projects at home? Saddingtons is the Hunter’s leading supplier of quality Adbri masonry, Besser and Concrete Blocks right across Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens & the Hunter Valley. 

We provide bricks and blocks that are ideal for home extensions, fences, walls, garages, sheds and other building projects. Our concrete bricks and blocks are all available in an extensive range of shapes and sizes.

Saddingtons also offers solutions for fences and boundary walls, rendered concrete block walls, retaining walls as well as basements, fire shelters, residential homes and commercial structures.


Planning a landscaping project for your home? Landscape projects can end up being very expensive, since there are a lot of materials to buy and labor costs to pay for. Finding the right materials can get tricky, but we’ll help you find the best solution for your unique project.

Versaloc’s Interlocking blocks.

Adbri Versaloc’s Interlocking blocks are perfect for your landscaping needs. Versaloc blocks are easily stacked on top of one another without glues or mortar. In comparison to the convenient masonry block construction, interlocking blocks are dry assembled, saving a great deal of mortar that is normally used for vertical and horizontal joints. This produces savings in terms of both cost and time, making it easier to install the blocks in your garden without the extra cost of hiring a skilled mason.

If you are looking for the perfect brick & block materials for your next landscaping project, call Saddingtons today. 

Architectura Brick Hero

Architectural Brick

230mm x 76mm x 110mm

besser Hero

Besser® Block

390mm x 190mm x 190mm

Common Brick Hero

Common Brick

230mm x 76mm x 110mm

Designer Masonry Honed Hero

Designer Masonry

390mm x 190mm x 190mm<

Macquarie Stone Hero

Macquarie Stone

470mm x 248mm x 105mm

Pitched Stone Hero

Pitched Stone

390mm x 190mm x 90mm

Sandhurst Stone Hero

Sandhurst Stone

390mm x 190mm x 90mm

Smooth Stone Hero

Smooth Stone

390mm x 190mm x 190mm

Versaloc Hero

Versaloc® – Interlocking

400mm x 200mm x 190mm