• Surcharge Grates Supplied by Saddingtons Building Supplies in Hunter Valley

    Surcharge Grates

    Surcharge Grates 


    600mm x 600mm  Code SPGSUR6


    600mm x 900mm  Code SPGSUR69


    900mm x 900mm  Code SPGSUR9

  • Litter Baskets in Newcastle NSW

    Suspended Litter Baskets

    Suspended Litter Baskets

    Made to Order (With or without oil sock inserts)


    450 x 450 pits


    600 x 600 pits


    900 x 600 pits


    900 x 900 pits


    1200 x 1200 pits

  • Trashscreen for Pits in Newcastle NSW

    Trash Screens for Pits

    Trash Screens for Pits


    450mm x 450mm Galv  Code SPGMAX450
    600mm x 600mm Galv  Code SPGMAX600

  • Tranch Grate Frame: Saddingtons Building Supplies

    Trench Grate Frames

    Trench Grate Frames

    2mtr x 25mm x 25mm – to suit GG150GG150F

    2mtr x 30mm x 30mm – to suit GG230GG230F

    2mtr x 30mm x 30mm – to suit GG300GG300F

    2mtr x 38mm x 38mm – to suit GG210GG210F

    2mtr x 45mm x 45mm – to suit GG310GG310F

    2mtr x 45mm x 45mm – to suit GG380GG380F

  • Placeholder

    Auto Gate

    Auto Gate

  • Panelmasta Caprice supplied by Saddingtons Building Supplies in Newcastle

    Panelmasta Caprice

    The Panelmasta Caprice is an attractive, wider raised pattern, designed for those who prefer fewer patterns across the panels. Enhance the look of the door by adding windows

  • Mak Workwear

    MAK Workwear

    MAK was established in 2007 in the Industrial city of Newcastle by a local tradesman wanting more from his workwear. MAK manufactures high quality workwear.and aims to provide the most innovative and durable products in the work-wear market. MAK garments are designed by tradesmen for tradesmen.

    • Safety clothing: From Hi-Vis to traditional Workwear for both men and women: pants-shirts/polo’s-coveralls-jumpers-vests-flame retardant-Anti Static-insect repellent the list goes on
    • Wet weather gear: From Hi-vis through to Agricultural clothing, our seam sealed wet weather gear is the best in the Industry, tried and tested, it wont leak
    • Safety footwear: We have the latest technology to develop the best suited footwear for both cost and comfort for your work force: ask us how today
    • MAK Work Pants are all manufactured with three pre-hemmed leg lengths included. Choose from Stout, Regular or Tall. Cut below the triple stitch line and simple Cut to Fit ® Each leg length is pre-hemmed and will provide a clean finish
  • Secura Code Remote Control by Saddingtons

    SecuraCode® Transmitter

    SecuraCode® code hopping technology generates a new random code from over 4.29 billion possibilities with each use of a transmitter. This ensures that with such odds only your transmitter will ever open your gate or door, and that once a code is used it cannot be reused by “code grabbing” devices for unauthorised entry

  • TrioCode Transmitter supplied by Saddingtons Building Supplies

    TrioCode Transmitter

    Increasingly, the electronic interference of wireless and cordless devices jams out door and gate transmitters. TrioCode™ overcomes this challenge by simultaneously transmitting on three different frequencies, so even if two are jammed, the TrioCode™ transmitter will still work. Also, TrioCode™ transmitters use a random coding system with 4.29 billion possibilities for enhanced security. Available in both keyring and wireless wall mount models

  • Logo Automatic Technology

    Automatic Technology Transmitter

    Saddingtons supply quality transmitters by Automatic Technology Australia; a world leading innovator, designer and manufacturer of garage door, gate and commercial opener products, plus related electronic, radio frequency and remote control systems. Automatic Technology have years of experience in making automation a smart, simple and secure reality. Designed in Australia, exported globally (and desperately copied everywhere!), Automatic Technology is proud of its tradition of being the “automation innovation gurus”

  • Merlin Garage Door Openers supplied by Saddingtons Building Supplies

    Merlin Garage Door Openers

    Merlin has played a significant role over the years in building universal acceptance for this extraordinary home appliance. Merlin are proud to be part of the Chamberlain Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of garage door openers. Merlin Garage Door Openers use world class components and technology to provide you with the latest innovations in safety, convenience and security
    For more information on Merlin Remote Controls, please click here
    Merlin have lots of great Optional Extras like Wall or Visor Mounted Transmitters, Wireless Wall Buttons and Fingerprint Keyless Entry Pad

  • Merlin Over Drive HEAVY DUTY

    Merlin Over Drive HEAVY DUTY Rolling Door Opener

    The new rolling door opener for spring tensioned light commercial or heavy residential doors up to 25M2
    Designed for lower cycle use
    Click here to download brochure for:

  • Merlin Whisper Drive Sectional Door Opener

    Merlin Whisper Drive Sectional Door Opener

    The Ultimate Sectional door opener for residential rolling doors up to 18M2
    The Whisper Drive is super fast, quiet & is the perfect match for any residential sectional door.
    It has the power & reliability to open large double tilt or sectional doors.
    Click here to download brochure for:

  • Merlin Silent Drive 650 Rolling Door Opener

    Merlin Silent Drive 850 Rolling Door Opener

    Premium Slimline Roller Door Opener for Residential Garage Doors up to 18M2
    This powerful & quiet opener is designed for local conditions & suits all major brands of doors.
    This opener is ideal for large single or double residential roller doors
    Click here to download brochures for :

  • Trench Grates

    Trench Grates

    Saddingtons have a great supply of Trench Grates for your next project, with a variety of sizes and load rates
    Trench Grates – Code
    1mtr x 150mm x 20mm – GG150
    1mtr x 230mm x 25mm – GG230
    1mtr x 300mm x 25mm – GG300G
    1mtr x 210mm x 32mm – G210HD
    1mtr x 310mm x 40mm – GG310HD
    1mtr x 380mm x 40mm – GG380HD

  • Kurb Entry Unit W supplied by Saddingtons

    Kerb Entry Unit Complete

    Kerb Entry Unit Complete – Class
    1200 Opening – B Class
    1800 Opening – B Class
    2400 Opening – B Class

  • Kerb Lintel W Supplied by Saddingtons in Newcastle

    Kurb Lintels

    Kurb Lintels – Code
    RAF Straight Edge 1200mm – SPKL1200
    RAF Straight Edge 1800mm – SPKL1800
    RAF Straight Edge 2400mm – SPKL2400

  • Car Stops Supplied by Saddingtons

    Car Stops

    We stock car stops in bulk for your next project, order from us today!
    Car Stops – Code
    125mm high x 1850mm in length – SPCS

  • Preform Concrete Slabs supplied by Saddingtons

    Off Form Slabs

    Off Form Slabs – Code
    450mm x 450mm x 40mm – SLAOF404
    600mm x 600mm x 50mm – SLAOF6
    900mm x 430mm x 45mm – SLAAC943
    900mm x 600mm x 50mm – SLAOF96
    1200mm x 500mm x 50mm – SLAOF125
    600mm x 600mm x 50mm Rippled Slab – SLAOF6R

  • Step Treads Brickwork Only supplied by Saddingtons

    Step Treads (Brickwork Only)

    Step Treads (Brickwork Only)
    900mm x 300mm x 75mm –   Code STE9003075
    900mm x 430mm x 75mm –   Code STE9004375
    990mm x 300mm x 75mm –   Code STE9903075
    990mm x 430mm x 75mm –   Code STE9904375
    1100mm x 300mm x 75mm –  Code STE11003075
    1100mm x 430mm x 75mm –  Code STE11004375
    1200mm x 300mm x 75mm –  Code STE12003075
    1200mm x 430mm x 75mm –  Code STE12004375
    1400mm x 300mm x 75mm –  Code STE14003075
    1400mm x 430mm x 75mm –  Code STE14004375
    1500mm x 300mm x 75mm –  Code STE15003075
    1500mm x 430mm x 75mm –  Code STE15004375
    1800mm x 300mm x 75mm –  Code STE18003075
    1800mm x 430mm x 75mm –  Code STE18004375

  • Flat Battered Head Wall supplied by Saddingtons

    Flat Battered Headwall

    Flat Battered Headwall – Code
    100mm diametre – SPHWFB

  • Concrete Pipe Headwalls Supplied by Saddingtons

    Concrete Pipe Headwalls

    At Saddingtons we make Concrete Pipe Headwalls to suit a variety of pipes sizes:
    Concrete Pipe Headwalls – Code
    To Suit 150mm pipe – SPHW150
    To suit 225mm pipe – SPHW225
    To suit 300mm pipe – SPHW300
    To suit 375mm pipe – SPHW375
    To suit 450mm pipe – SPHW450
    To suit 525mm pipe – SPHW525
    To suit 600mm pipe – SPHW600

  • Plumbing Fittings supplied by Saddingtons

    Plumbing Fittings

    Plumbing Fittings – Code
    Concrete Finishing Collar 100mm – DRAFCCS
    Yard Sink – SPBYSC
    Bolted Trap Screw 100mm – DRABTSS
    Bolted Trap Screw 150mm – DRABTSS150
    Trap Screw Surround – DRABTSCS
    Subsoil Drainage Pipe Flush Point (not cast iron) – GCSSBCS
    Cast Iron SS Box to suit GGSSBCS – GCSSB

  • Concrete Sewage Cones, Manhole Lids/Surrounds

    Concrete Sewage Cones, Manhole Lids/Surrounds

    Sewage Cones – Code
    Squat Cones – SMSHSC
    Straight Back Taper – SMSHBT
    Sewer Manhole Lids/Surrounds – Code
    Heavy Duty Lid – SMHCHD
    Heavy Duty Surround – SMHSHD
    Light Duty Lid – SMHCLD
    Light Duty Surround – SMHSLD

  • Sewer Manhole Make Rings Mastics supplied by Saddingtons

    Concrete Sewer Manhole Makeup Rings

    Cast Iron Manhole Covers – Code
    75mm – SMSHSR75
    100mm – SMSHSR100
    150mm – SMSHSR150
    200mm – SMSHSR200
    Manhole Mastic – Code
    2.4mtr – SMSHMAS
    3.6mtr – SMSHSR36

  • Concrete Sewer Manhole Shafts by Saddingtons

    Concrete Sewer Manhole Shafts

    At Saddingtons we make Concrete Manhole Shafts in a variety of sizes:
    Concrete Sewer Manhole Shafts – Code
    350mm High – SMHS350
    525mm High – SMHS525
    700mm High – SMHS700
    1050mm High – SMHS1050
    1400mm High – SMHS1400

  • Stormwater Pipes supplied by Saddingtons

    Storm water Pipes

    Storm water Pipes – Code
    225mm Class 2/3/4 RRJ FRC Pipe 4mtr lengths – SPP225X
    300mm Class 2/3/4 RRJ FRC Pipe 4mtr lengths – SPP300X
    375mm Class 2/3/4 RRJ FRC Pipe 4mtr lengths – SPP275X
    450mm Class 2/3/4 RRJ FRC Pipe 4mtr lengths – SPP450X
    525mm Class 2/3/4 RRJ FRC Pipe 4mtr lengths – SPP525X
    600mm Class 2/3/4 RRJ FRC Pipe 4mtr lengths – SPP600X

  • Drainage Pit Galvanised Grates supplied by Saddingtons

    Drainage Pit Galvanised Grates

    Drainage Pit Galvanised Grates – Code
    540mm x 540mm – SPG4L
    690mm x 690mm – SPG6L
    990mm x 690mm – SPG96L
    990mm x 990mm – SPG9L
    1290mm x 1290mm – SPG12L
    (Heavy Duty) 540mm x 540mm – SPG4H
    (Heavy Duty) 690mm x 690mm – SPG6H
    (Heavy Duty) 990mm x 690mm – SPG96H
    (Heavy Duty) 990mm x 990mm – SPG9H
    (Heavy Duty) 1290mm x 1290mm – SPG12H

  • Heavy Duty Concrete Lids supplied by Saddingtons

    Concrete Lids (Heavy Duty)

    Concrete Lids that are heavy duty are used generally for drains and sewers & are available in a variety of sizes
    Concrete Lids (Heavy Duty) – Code
    650mm x 650mm x 100mm – SPL4H
    800mm x 800mm x 100mm – SPL6H
    1100mm x 800mm x 100mm – SPL96H
    1100mm x 1100mm x 100mm – SPL9H

  • Concrete Lid Square Supplied by Saddingtons

    Concrete Lids to Suit

    At Saddingtons we make lids to suit a variety of pits, both heavy and light duty lids available in a number of sizes:

    Concrete Lids to Suit – Code
    (Light Duty) 450mm x 450mm pits – SPL4L
    (Light Duty) 600mm x 600mm pits – SPL6L
    (Light Duty) 900mm x 600mm pits – SPL96L
    (Light Duty) 900mm x 900mm pits – SPL9L
    (Heavy Duty) 450mm x 450mm pits – SPL4H
    (Heavy Duty) 600mm x 600mm pits – SPL6H
    (Heavy Duty) 900mm x 600mm pits – SPL96H
    (Heavy Duty) 900mm x 900mm pits – SPL9H