• Concrete Lintels

    Concrete Lintels

    Ultrafloor manufacture a wide range of pre-cast concrete beams & lintels providing an extensive variety of flooring systems to satisfy the requirements of all residential & commercial projects.
    To view the Ultrafloor website, click here

  • Earmuffs ViperEarmuffs Cobra

    Hearing Protection

    Saddingtons is the place for all your hearing safety needs, we stock the following:

    • Earplugs Corded Class 5
    • Earplugs Uncorded Class 5
    • Silicon Earplugs Corded Reusable Class 3
    • Headband Earplugs Class 2
    • Earmuffs ‘Cobra’ Class 5
    • Earmuffs ‘Viper’ Class 5
    • Hard Hat Earmuffs Class 5
  • Formwork by Saddingtons


    We can supply all your formwork needs and stock the following:

    • Edge Board
    • Plasply
  • Merlin Over Drive HEAVY DUTY

    Merlin Over Drive HEAVY DUTY Rolling Door Opener

    The new rolling door opener for spring tensioned light commercial or heavy residential doors up to 25M2
    Designed for lower cycle use
    Click here to download brochure for:

  • Panel Pro


    The PanelPro™ combines affordable garage door control with the smooth and reliable operation.

  • Bush Sand Sample

    Orange Fatty Sand (Bush Sand)

    Bush Sand suitable for brick or block laying
    Available by cubic metre or bulka bags – you can pick up or have it delivered

  • Cement Vibrators

    Cement Vibrators

    Handyvibe (without cage)

  • Trench Mesh

    Trench Mesh – Flat

    8mm – 200mm (3 bar) or 300mm (4 bar) widths
    11mm – 200mm (3 bar) or 300mm (4 bar) widths
    12mm – 200mm (3 bar) or 300mm (4 bar) widths
    Trench Mesh – Boxed
    8mm – 200mm wide x 150mm deep – STOCKED
    11mm – 200mm wide x 300mm deep – STOCKED

  • Power Floor Plus

    Power Floor Plus

    Commonly used in:

    • Residential homes
    • Low rise multi-residential
    • Commercial and industrial

    Top applications

    • Flooring
    • Outdoor decks

    PowerFloor+ the strong silent type when it comes to solid floors
    Hebel PowerFloor+ is the ultimate modular load-bearing flooring solution. A proven solid masonry system, the PowerFloor+ system provides superior strength, thermal and acoustic efficiency and a fire rating up to 3 hours
    PowerFloor+ system benefits include:

    • Range of thicknesses from 150mm to 250mm
    • Elimination of need for a joist system or the pouring of concrete
    • Load bearing span up to 5.85 metres without floor framing or joists
    • Fire rating of up to 180 minutes without relying on ceiling systems
    • Extremely strong PowerFloor+ aerated concrete panels, each reinforced with corrosion-protected steel mesh
    • Snugly fitting panels that form a strong and smooth floor
    • Superior thermal efficiency assisting in reduced heating and cooling costs
    • Cost efficiences through speed of installation and minimised structural sizes
    • Limited propping and no curing of concrete required
    • Panel thickness 150mm to 250mm
      Panel width 600mm
      Panel length up to 6000mm
      Fire up to 180 minutes (PowerFloor+ System)
      Acoustic Rw + Ctr = 50 (150mm to 250mm PowerFloor+ System)
      Thermal R0.89 to R1.48 (150mm to 250mm PowerFloor+ System)

  • Square Grates Supplied Saddingtons Building Supplies in Hunter Valley

    Square Grates

    Square Grates


    305mm x 305mm x 20mm    Code  GG33020


    450mm x 450mm x 25mm    Code  GG44525


    610mm x 610mm x 25mm    Code  GG66125


    Square Grate Frames


    To suit GG30020                     Code  GG33020F


    To suit GG44525                     Code  GG44525F


    To suit GG66125                     Code  GG66125F

  • Saddingtons Sand


    Saddingtons supply a large range of Sands for residential and commercial sites
    Available by cubic metre or bulka bags – you can pick up or have it delivered from all Saddingtons branches

  • Tie Wire by Saddingtons Building Supplies

    Wire Products

    Saddingtons carry all your wire products needs for the professional tradesman and handyman alike:

    • Hoop Iron
    • Bricktor
    • Vermon Mesh
    • Expanded Metal
  • Internal Corinthian ProductInternal Corinthian Door Product

    Internal Doors

    Internal Doors

  • Concrete Pipe Headwalls Supplied by Saddingtons

    Concrete Pipe Headwalls

    At Saddingtons we make Concrete Pipe Headwalls to suit a variety of pipes sizes:
    Concrete Pipe Headwalls – Code
    To Suit 150mm pipe – SPHW150
    To suit 225mm pipe – SPHW225
    To suit 300mm pipe – SPHW300
    To suit 375mm pipe – SPHW375
    To suit 450mm pipe – SPHW450
    To suit 525mm pipe – SPHW525
    To suit 600mm pipe – SPHW600

  • Trashscreen for Pits in Newcastle NSW

    Trash Screens for Pits

    Trash Screens for Pits


    450mm x 450mm Galv  Code SPGMAX450
    600mm x 600mm Galv  Code SPGMAX600

  • Weepa by Saddingtons Building Supplies


    Weepas creates a clean finish by design, compliant with all Bushfire Attack Level (BAL requirements)
    They maintain ventilation, prevents fungal decay & mildew within the wall cavity & excludes pests from the home

    • Weepholes
    • Spark Arrestors
    • Pest
    • Bush Fire

    Contact us for further information on various Weepa products available in store
    To visit Weepa website,click here

  • First Aid Kit

    First Aid Equipment

    Saddingtons stock quality St John First Aid kits

  • Power Panel

    Power Panel SP

    Commonly used in:

    • Apartments
    • Low rise multi-residential
    • Commercial

    Top applications

    • Shaft & scissor walls

    Service and shaft walls with PowerPanel SP Option 1
    Bare system recommended for shafts up to 4800mm high, requiring 2hr FRL (horizontal installation).
    Benefits of using Hebel PowerPanel SP for service and shaft walls:
    Easier handling and installation

    • 300mm panel width is lighter and easier to manoeuvre
    • Tongue and groove profile ensures a snug fit
    • No sealant or thin bed adhesive required between joints (unless acoustic performance required)

    Flexibility in tight access areas

    • Install horizontally to 4800mm height
    • Cuttable lengths up to 4800mm
    • Clear spans up to 2400mm (with minimum 300mm bearing each end)


    • No wet trade required, less mess
    • Fast to install
    • Fewer trades on site


    • Bare system achieves FRL of -/120/120
    • Satisfies BCA requirements for non-load bearing internal walls (Type A & B construction), Class 2 to 9 buildings
    • Extends the versatility of Hebel into even more applications

    For more information visit, Hebel website

  • Merlin Garage Door Openers supplied by Saddingtons Building Supplies

    Merlin Garage Door Openers

    Merlin has played a significant role over the years in building universal acceptance for this extraordinary home appliance. Merlin are proud to be part of the Chamberlain Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of garage door openers. Merlin Garage Door Openers use world class components and technology to provide you with the latest innovations in safety, convenience and security
    For more information on Merlin Remote Controls, please click here
    Merlin have lots of great Optional Extras like Wall or Visor Mounted Transmitters, Wireless Wall Buttons and Fingerprint Keyless Entry Pad

  • control a door power drive

    Controll-A-Door® Power Drive™

    Power Drive™ is our most popular rolling door opener and features the power to effortlessly operate the majority of residential rolling doors.

  • Calga Sand Samples

    White Fatty Sand (Calga)

    Calga sand is a washed sand great to use in premix concrete and concrete products. Its also used in yellow and off white brick laying motar
    Available by cubic metre or bulka bags – you can pick up or have it delivered

  • Connolly Key Joint Saddingtons

    Connolly Key Joint

    Connolly Key Joint- Sold per 6mtr length
    100mm, 150mm & 200mm.
    Key Joint Capping – Removable – Sold per metre

  • Accessories Supplied by Saddingtons


    We at Saddingtons pride ourselves on our great customer service and vast knowledge in Civil project requirements
    Call us today to discuss your needs with one of our civil works experts.

    Saddingtons Cast Iron Products

  • Diamond Grates and Frames from Saddingtons Building Supplies in Newcastle

    Diamond Pattern Galvanised Grates & Frames

    Diamond Pattern Galvanised Grates & Frames


    540mm x 540mm                     Code  SPG4EHD Extra H/Duty

    690mm x 690mm                     Code  SPG6EHD Extra H/Duty

    990mm x 690mm                     Code  SPG96EHD Extra H/Duty

    990mm x 990mm                     Code  SPG9EHD Extra H/Duty

    1290mm x 1290mm x 55mm   Code  SPG12EHD Extra H/Duty

  • Saddingtons Gravel


    Saddingtons supply gravel to residential and commercial sites
    Gravel is available in sizes 7 – 10mm or 20mm in store. All other sizes by request
    Available by cubic metre or bulka bags – you can pick up or have it delivered from all Saddingtons branches

  • WafflePods Laid

    Waffle Pod

    Waffle Pod 175, 225, 300, 375mm
    Waffle Pods are made of polystyrene 1090mm square.
    They come in four thicknesses for use in different sites:

    • 175mm
    • 225mm
    • 300mm
    • 375mm
  • Entrance Corinthian Product by Saddingtons

    Entrance Doors

    We can supply all your entrance doors and carry the both Corinthian and Hume doors

  • Flat Battered Head Wall supplied by Saddingtons

    Flat Battered Headwall

    Flat Battered Headwall – Code
    100mm diametre – SPHWFB

  • Domestic Grate in Newcastle NSW

    Domestic Grate and Channel Poly

    Domestic Grate and Channel Poly
    (Reln Poly Top or S/Steel)
    We carry a large range of Reln drainage products.
    Click to view full range of Reln products available
    Not in stock? We will gladly order it in for you!