• Sound Barrier

    Sound Barrier

    Commonly used in:

    • Civil projects

    Top applications

    • Road corridors
    • Rail corridors
    • Tunnels

    Hebel Soundbarrier is a highly effective acoustic barrier system that produces significant reductions in noise levels from industry, freeways and rail corridors
    The standard system consists of galvanised steel columns in concrete pier foundations. Hebel Soundbarrier caged reinforced panels are place horizontally between or against these columns and are held in place by galvanised steel angles or plates
    Key benefits:
    High level of design versatility

    • From simple, geometric shadow lines within single panels to intricate variable depth routing for a truly sculptured-look over multiple bays
    • No ‘repeat pattern’ restrictions
    • System allows for easy, last minute design adjustments

    Cost effective – around 30% cheaper than alternative concrete systems

    • No need for costly precast moulds
    • Lightweight system (Hebel is 25% of the weight of concrete) with simple post and pier construction
    • Less craneage expense

    Quicker to supply

    • Hebel’s routing capabilities and supply line allow for delivery to site as early as four weeks from order

    Proven performance

    • Acoustics to 43dB
    • Fire and pest resistant
    • Over 1 million square metres installed over the past 20 years

    Choose a standard design from our extensive range or create your own design in CAD and we’ll bring it to life, with delivery commencing as early as four weeks from order.
    Hebel Soundbarrier carries a 50 year design life certification and is certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA)

  • Hebel Power Floor System

    Power Floor

    Commonly used in:

    • Residential homes
    • Low rise multi-residential
    • DIY

    Top applications

    • Flooring
    • Decking

    Hebel PowerFloor system – a sound choice for a solid floor substrate for timber and steel joists
    PowerFloor is a strong and solid flooring system used in first floors or suspended ground floors, as well as decks and balconies.
    PowerFloor panels are made from aerated concrete that's reinforced with corrosion protected steel mesh. The panels are easily installed over steel or timber joists. The result is an excellent solid base for just about any floor covering.
    The acoustic and thermal insulation benefits of PowerFloor can provide a more comfortable and tranquil home. You can feel safer knowing that Hebel is non-combustible and has proven fire resistant levels up to 240 minutes.
    The PowerFloor system:

    • Eliminates squeaking associated with particle board floors and noise transfer
    • Has a solid feel eliminating the bounce and flex of timber sheet flooring
    • Has superior thermal performance – particularly for suspended floors on sloping sites
    • Is extremely strong – each panel is reinforced with corrosion-protected steel mesh
    • Panels fit snugly together to form a strong and smooth floor
    • Is installed like conventional particleboard using onsite tradesmen such as carpenters
    • Is not affected by weather during installation

    Fire Up to 240 minutes from above, up to 120 minutes from below (with approved CSR Gyprock ceiling)
    Acoustic – no ceiling system Rw + Ctr 30 to 33, Lnw + Cl 83 to 45
    Acoustic – with ceiling system Rw + Ctr 48 to 54, Lnw + Cl 70 to 32
    Thermal R0.79 to R3.66

  • Power Block Plus Demo

    Power Block

    Commonly used in:

    • Alterations & additions
    • Low rise multi-residential
    • DIY

    Top applications

    • External walls

    PowerBlock+ the premium alternative to double brick
    Solid masonry construction has long been regarded as the 'ultimate' home building method. Hebel PowerBlock+ is the ideal alternative to double brick, giving you an extremely solid construction with exceptional acoustic and thermal insulation properties to provide a more comfortable and energy efficient home.
    The face size of a PowerBlock+ is 600mm x 200mm. External walls are typically constructed using 250mm thick Hebel PowerBlock+ whilst internal non-loadbearing block walls generally use the 100mm PowerBlock+. The large format blocks are lightweight and, forming a single wall, are rapidly installed

    • A solid load-bearing masonry home
    • A Hebel PowerBlock+ home 'breathes' and controls moisture making it an incredibly comfortable living environment
    • With over one and half times the thermal resistance of double brick, Hebel PowerBlocks+ systems* easily exceed the building Code of Australia (BCA) minimum energy requirements for climatic zones 1 to 7 inclusive
    • Excellent acoustic performance and sound insulation attributes
    • Design and build freedom and flexibility – easily worked with standard power tools
    • Non-combustible – up to a four hour fire rating makes the Hebel PowerBlock+ System ideal for rural or bush fire prone areas
    • Enhanced design freedom can be achieved through routing and shaping. Lintels and sill blocks complement the high aesthetic appearance

    * PowerBlock+ systems 1705, 1706, 1707. James Fricker Report 107.69, 107.71, 107.72 and 107.73
    Fire up to 240/240/240
    Acoustic Rw + Ctr 35 to 42
    Thermal R2.04 to R4.19
    Wall thickness 250mm to 356mm*