• Power Panel

    Power Panel

    Commonly used in:

    • Apartments
    • Low rise multi-residential
    • Retirement
    • Commercial

    Top applications

    • Internal walls
    • External walls

    Hebel for external facade walls
    Hebel PowerPanel can be used for external facade walls either with hidden or visible edge beams. This lightweight product provides substantial cost savings compared to traditional masonry (bricks and pre-cast concrete)
    Benefits of using Hebel PowerPanel for external facade walls:

    • Fast construction timetables with less reliance on bricklaying trades and less scaffolding costs
    • Versatility of design with a pressure equalised system
    • Systemised building components make construction faster and easier than brick
    • Smaller crews without need for wet trades
    • Low wastage and reduced crane requirement, especially compared to brick
    • No reliance on bricklayers and better utilisation of standard trades people
    • Solid and secure with high fire rating levels
    • Matches to superior coating systems without leaching of the acrylic system
    • Wet weather tolerant (no mould) for storage and building process
    • Strong acoustic values dampen exterior noise
    • High levels of sustainability and ‘green’ credentials

    For more information visit, Hebel website

  • External Wall Panels from Saddingtons

    Power Panel XL

    Commonly used in:

    • Residential walls
    • Low rise multi-residential

    Top applications

    • Boundary walls

    Hebel PowerPanelXL external wall system has been specifically developed to go up fast!
    The system consists of 75mm thick, steel-reinforced PowerPanelXL panels, fixed vertically to horizontal top hats attached to the load bearing frame.

    PowerPanelXL has been developed so it's 20% lighter than previous systems while maintaining its structural integrity. This lightweight panel, combined with the perforated steel top hat fixing system, speeds up installation with a whole lot less fatigue.

    The PowerPanelXL system:

    • Is much faster than laying bricks – two people can install up to 150m2 in three days depending on site conditions
    • Is easy to grip, lift and move with less wear and tear on the body
    • Is non-combustible with an FRL of 180/180/180
    • Has outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation qualities, increasing levels of comfort and saving on energy heating and cooling costs
    • Has the 'Good Environmental Choice Australia Label' (Heb-2006) tick of approval
    • Allows design patterns to be easily machined into the panels

    Fire 180/180/180
    Thermal R1.54 – R3.54
    Wall thickness 185mm – 205mm* depending on stud cavity and Top Hat selection

    For more information, visit Hebal website

  • Power Panel

    Power Panel SP

    Commonly used in:

    • Apartments
    • Low rise multi-residential
    • Commercial

    Top applications

    • Shaft & scissor walls

    Service and shaft walls with PowerPanel SP Option 1
    Bare system recommended for shafts up to 4800mm high, requiring 2hr FRL (horizontal installation).
    Benefits of using Hebel PowerPanel SP for service and shaft walls:
    Easier handling and installation

    • 300mm panel width is lighter and easier to manoeuvre
    • Tongue and groove profile ensures a snug fit
    • No sealant or thin bed adhesive required between joints (unless acoustic performance required)

    Flexibility in tight access areas

    • Install horizontally to 4800mm height
    • Cuttable lengths up to 4800mm
    • Clear spans up to 2400mm (with minimum 300mm bearing each end)


    • No wet trade required, less mess
    • Fast to install
    • Fewer trades on site


    • Bare system achieves FRL of -/120/120
    • Satisfies BCA requirements for non-load bearing internal walls (Type A & B construction), Class 2 to 9 buildings
    • Extends the versatility of Hebel into even more applications

    For more information visit, Hebel website