• Hebel Fencing

    Power Fence

    Commonly used in:

    • Residential homes
    • Low rise multi-residential
    • DIY

    Top applications

    • Fencing

    Aesthetic, affordable and easy to install solid masonry system
    New Hebel PowerFence is an innovative solid masonry fencing system that’s attractive, versatile and easy to install. It’s suitable for houses, low rise multi-residential projects, low rise apartments and ideal for DIYers with its lightweight panels and easy construction method
    Perfect for boundary fencing and an alternative to standard masonry for front fences, the Hebel PowerFence can be painted or rendered to blend in with or enhance the visual appeal of homes
    The innovative and simple Hebel PowerFence system provides a modular masonry structure using standard 1800 x 600 x 75mm PowerPanels and steel posts which can be easily and quickly erected – without the need for extensive excavation or strip footings, normally required for traditional masonry fence construction

    Key innnovations that deliver a superior Hebel PowerFence system include:

    • Specially designed PowerFence Bracket
    • One common low-cost 75mm steel post for all configurations
    • One type of fixing screw for the PowerFence bracket and final post covers
    • Use of standard 1800 x 600 x 75mm PowerPanel, or for heavier use and under stricter design conditions 2400 x 600 x 75mm PowerPanel can be used

    Hebel PowerFence can be finished in either an Expressed or Monolithic look and can also be adapted to include a range of decorative treatments such as timber panels and ironwork
    The unique benefits of the new Hebel PowerFence system:

    • It’s easy to use, cost effective and attractive
    • It creates privacy and acts as a reflective noise barrier system
    • Is perfect for boundary fencing and as an alternative to standard masonry for front fences
    • Has a range of wall profiles and looks that can be created to give design freedom and flexibility
    • Is non combustible – the perfect choice for bushfire prone areas
    • Uses standard 1800 x 600 x 75mm PowerPanels, and under stricter design conditions, 2400 x 600 x 75mm standard PowerPanels
    • Its steel reinforced PowerPanels are specially coated to prevent corrosion and provide maximum durability
    • Is designed to meet the majority of environmental conditions for suburban fencing in Australia

    The Hebel PowerFence system – a better way to build