• Mak Workwear

    MAK Workwear

    MAK was established in 2007 in the Industrial city of Newcastle by a local tradesman wanting more from his workwear. MAK manufactures high quality workwear.and aims to provide the most innovative and durable products in the work-wear market. MAK garments are designed by tradesmen for tradesmen.

    • Safety clothing: From Hi-Vis to traditional Workwear for both men and women: pants-shirts/polo’s-coveralls-jumpers-vests-flame retardant-Anti Static-insect repellent the list goes on
    • Wet weather gear: From Hi-vis through to Agricultural clothing, our seam sealed wet weather gear is the best in the Industry, tried and tested, it wont leak
    • Safety footwear: We have the latest technology to develop the best suited footwear for both cost and comfort for your work force: ask us how today
    • MAK Work Pants are all manufactured with three pre-hemmed leg lengths included. Choose from Stout, Regular or Tall. Cut below the triple stitch line and simple Cut to Fit ® Each leg length is pre-hemmed and will provide a clean finish
  • Road Safety & Safety Signs

    Road Safety & Safety Signs

    Saddingtons stock the following Road Safety & Safety Signs, if you require something not in stock, we will gladly order it in for you

    • 600mm x 450mm Corflute Signs
    • DF-001 Danger Keep Out
    • DF-002 Danger Keep Out Authorised Personnel Only
    • DF-003 Danger No Entry
    • DF-006 Danger Construction Site Unauthorised Persons Keep Out
    • DF-007 Danger Construction Site Do Not Enter
    • DF-008 Danger Demolition In Progress Keep Out
    • DF-010 Danger Asbestos Removal In Progress

    STOP/SLOW Road Sign – 2mtr SAFETY SIGNS

    • Danger Scaffold Incomplete
    • Danger Workers Overhead
    • Danger Workers Below
    • Danger Evacuation Area
    • Danger Power leads Above
    • Danger Explosive Power Tools
    • Danger Trucks Crossing
    • MF-001 This is a Hard Hat Area Safety Hats Must Be Worn
    • MF-002 Safety Helmets must be worn on this Site
    • MF-003 Safety Footwear must be worn in this Area
    • MF-004 Safety Footwear must be worn on this Site
    • MF-005 Safety Vests must be worn on this Site
    • MF-006 Safety Harness must be worn
    • MF-007 Eye Protection must be worn in this Area
    • MF-008 Hearing Protection must be worn on this Site
    • 4 logos on 1 sign (Hard Hat, Safety Glasses, Ear Protection & Footwear)
    • Signage saying “This Protective Equipment Must Be Worn On This Site”
    • PF-001 No Smoking
    • EF-001 First Aid
    • NF-001 Notice all Visitors must report to Site Office
    • NF-010 Site Office
    • NF-003 Notice all Personnel Must Be Inducted before starting work on this Site
    • NF-030 Notice No OH&S General Induction Card No Start
  • HI-VIS Safety VestHI-VIS Safety Vest

    Protective & High Visibility Workwear

    Saddingtons stock a range of High Visability and protective workwear, see below:

    • HI-VIS Safety Vest – Day Use – Yellow or Orange – Sizes L & XL
    • HI-VIS Safety Vest – Day/Night Use – Yellow or Orange – Sizes L or XL
    • Knee Pads
    • Disposable Coverall White – Sizes L, XL & 2XL
    • Rain Jacket & Pants – Yellow PVC – Sizes M, L, XL & 2XL
  • Unvented Hard HatUnisafe Hard Hat

    Protective Head Wear

    Saddingtons stock a variety of protective head Wear, like these following products:

    • Unvented Hard Hat White
    • Vented Hard Hat – In Colours -Blue/ Orange/ Red/ White/ Yellow
    • Hard Hat Brim White Only
  • Spill Response Kit

    Spill Response Kits

    Saddingtons stock Sorbex Spill Response Kits for efficient containment and management of dangerous spills. The kits are supplied complete in a handy heavy duty zippered case (40ltr) or plastic bin (90ltr), making it portable and versatile, ensuring that you have everything you may need to control most liquid spills up to 90ltrs. Kits sizes available are 40ltr and 90ltr
    Kits Include:

    • 1mtr Socks
    • Floorsweep
    • 450 x 500mm Pads
    • Heavy Duty Disposal Bags
    • Red PVC Gloves
  • Protective Candy Gloves Hand Protection

    Hand Protection

    Saddingtons stock a large range of safety gloves, to suit all your needs:

    • Disposable Gloves
    • General Purpose Gloves – Clear Powered Box 100 Pieces
    • Leather Riggers Gloves – Pig Grain Beige – Candy Stripe Cotton – Back Cowsplit Leather Palm – Sizes M, L, XL
    • Leather Riggers Gloves – Cow Grain Beige – Sizes M, L, XL
    • PVC Gloves – Short Length
    • PVC Gloves – Long Length
    • Glass Gripper Gloves – Yellow Latex, with Knitted Wrist
    • Lite Grip Synthetic Nitrile Gloves – Nitrile Foam on Rylon Liner – Sizes 9, 10 , 11
    • Dexi Pro – Synthetic Breathable Nitrile Gloves – Sizes 7, 8. 9 ,10 , 11
  • Goggles Supa VaBressze Safety Glasses

    Safety Glasses & Goggles

    Saddingtons carry a range of safety glasses and goggles:

    • Safety Glasses ‘Breeze’ range Clear/ Smoke/ Silver Mirror/ Amber
    • Safety Glasses ‘Mercury’ range Smoke
    • Safety Goggles ‘Supa-Vu’ Clear
    • Safety Browguard & Clear Visor Assembled
  • First Aid Kit

    First Aid Equipment

    Saddingtons stock quality St John First Aid kits

  • Earmuffs ViperEarmuffs Cobra

    Hearing Protection

    Saddingtons is the place for all your hearing safety needs, we stock the following:

    • Earplugs Corded Class 5
    • Earplugs Uncorded Class 5
    • Silicon Earplugs Corded Reusable Class 3
    • Headband Earplugs Class 2
    • Earmuffs ‘Cobra’ Class 5
    • Earmuffs ‘Viper’ Class 5
    • Hard Hat Earmuffs Class 5
  • Assembled HalfMask CartridgesTwin Filter Half Mask

    Respiratory Protection

    Saddingtons carry a large supply of respiratory protection masks and stock the following:

    • Respirator P2 – No Valve
    • Respirator P2 – With Valve
    • Respirator P2 Horizontal Flat Fold With Valve
    • Twin Filter Half Mask
    • Assembled Half Mask with cartridges
    • Filter Cartridges for Twin Filter Half Mask
  • Redback UBBA for Safety EquipmentRedback UBOK For Your Safety Protection

    Safety Boots

    Sadddingtons stock Redback steel cap and non-steel caps safety boots in a large range of sizes and colours. Also available, genuine Redback Comfort Insoles to suit all sizes of boots:

    • Redback UBOK / USBOK
    • Redback UBBK / USBBK
    • Redback UBBA / USBBA
    • Redback Comfort Insoles
    • Blundstone 001 Series
    • Blundstone 015 Series