• Cement Mixes Easymix supplied by Saddingtons

    Cement Mixers

    ACE 3.6 cubic feet electric
    WESTMIX 2.2 cubic feet electric
    WESTMIX 3.5 cubic feet electric
    WESTMIX & ACE 3.5 cubic feet petrol – Available on request

  • Brick Saws supplied by Saddingtons Building Supplies

    Brick Saws

    Ausquip Shatal TS351 electric bricksaw with 350mm diamond blade
    B.T. Engineering Electric Brick Saw
    Rv Cowell petrol or electric bricksaw – AVAILABLE ON REQUEST

  • Helicopter supplied by Saddingtons

    Concrete Helicopters

    Trowel Machine (dual blade D34)
    Trowel Machine (dual blade D40)

  • Spare Wheels supplied by Saddingtons

    Replacement Wheels, Tyres & Tubes

    Bricksaw Wheels (4 per set)
    Bricksaw Wheels – Petrol (each)
    Wheel to suit all barrows – plastic or steel bearing – various sizes
    Solid Wheels – steel rims – various sizes
    Puncture Proof Wheels
    Tubes & Tyres – various sizes

  • Submersible Pump


    Crommelins Submersible Pump

  • Cement Vibrators

    Cement Vibrators

    Handyvibe (without cage)